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From the Crazy Dept: Watch This Guy Swim With and Feed Gators [VIDEO]

If you’re going to swim with gators, be sure someone has the camera ready.

We aren’t sure where this video was filmed, but despite the lack of description, we knew it was a must-share.

For all we know, this guy has been working as a guide in this swamp just so he can have an excuse to get a little nutty.

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Uploaded to Facebook by a person who was on the tour, this video shows the bravery (or insanity) of this gentleman who, for some reason, seems to look at ease with this gigantic predatory reptiles.

We’d never make assumptions about someone’s mental capacity, but we’d also never get into the water with these big boys.

It’s amazing how he feeds the gator a marshmallow with his teeth, and lifts the scaly beast above water for the final wave goodbye.

These tour-goers were lucky, and you can even hear one say they “Got the crazy one” when it came to their guide selection.

Here’s hoping this man continues to successfully exit the water each and every time he’s finished with his show.

Have you ever toured a swamp and seen alligators? Where were you, and what would you have done if you fell in the water?

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From the Crazy Dept: Watch This Guy Swim With and Feed Gators [VIDEO]