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4 Massive Lake Trout Through the Ice in 24 Hours

These anglers are fishing in minus 25-degree weather, but they have no trouble keeping warm as they haul in four massive lake trout through the ice.

Uncut Angling is up on Clearwater Lake in Manitoba, ice fishing for big lakers. Aaron Wiebe is joined by Pete and Mark Tully for some serious big fish fishing. And boy, do the big fish respond.

The three friends set tip-ups rigged with big cisco or tullibee lying on the bottom. This is the highlight reel as the brothers pull in not one, not two, not three...but four massive lake trout during their weekend on the ice.

The temperature is well below freezing but the lake trout action is enough to keep the blood pumping and the body heated. I think the smallest of the four big lakers went thirty-eight inches. The girth and especially the heads on these fish is unreal. They're absolutely gigantic.

Tip-up fishing in deep water is an effective big fish technique. These guys were fishing in 50 to 80 feet of water. At the end of the video, Aaron said that they lowered an Aqua-Vu camera down into the depths to capture how the fish interacted with the dead ciscos they were using.

The trout did show a lot of interest in the baitfish, some even briefly mouthing the tullibee.

The water clarity is also impressive in this northern lake. They're able to get clear images in 80 feet of water. I guess they don't call it Clearwater Lake for nothing.

A single massive lake trout like any one of these would be enough to satisfy most anglers, but catching four in 24 hours is really something special.

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