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Ice Fishing for Giant Brown Trout in Milwaukee

Floridian Josh Jorgensen flies up to cheese country to try to catch a giant brown trout through the ice. It’s a bit of a culture shock for the sea angler.

BlacktipH host Josh Jorgensen is an angler who fishes the deep blue-green waters of Florida’s gulf. But he hopped on a plane to fly up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to try and catch a giant brown trout through the ice.

Fishing in brutally cold weather conditions, Josh hooks up with guide Eric Haataja to try his hand at ice fishing for the first time. And despite the hand numbing temperatures they did very well indeed, catching four big browns.

Josh suffered through the cold like a champ, although his hands were mighty cold after landing each fish. He caught a couple of hook-jawed brownies and even a couple of suckers. But it wasn’t until near the end of the day that Lake Michigan produced a true giant brown trout that Josh won’t soon forget.

This beast went probably fifteen to possibly even seventeen pounds. A beautiful fish, which they released back into the cold lake. As the day wore on a snowstorm moved in and Josh’s flight was canceled. But he didn’t seem to mind, seeing as he was flush with adrenaline from catching those big browns.

This was a ‘first ice’ outing, with five inches of frozen water covering the lake. But Eric reinforced the need for safety and being properly equipped on the ice. No fish is worth possibly dying for. They used an ice spud to constantly check their perimeter for stable ice, which is always a very good idea.

This ought to get you pumped up for ice fishing this year, if not on Lake Michigan then at whatever body of water you can, so get out there and drill some holes and catch some fish! And remember to be safe on the ice.

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Ice Fishing for Giant Brown Trout in Milwaukee