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How Much Fun is Sightfishing Lake Trout Through the Ice in 27 Feet of Water? This Much

Ice fishing combined with sightfishing lake trout is a ton of fun, especially when you're fishing over 27 feet of crystal clear water and the bite is on.

Aaron Wiebe from Uncut Angling is fishing Clearwater Lake in Manitoba, and CLEARwater is an apt name for this beautiful fishery. The water is so clear that he's able to engage in sightfishing lake trout in, believe it or not, 27 feet of lake water.

But of course first Wiebe has to cut a big hole in the ice. That is, he has to drill and saw through 40 inches of ice and push that fat slab back under the surface ice.

He is clearly a guy who is dedicated and committed to sightfishing lake trout, because this effort requires a heckuva lot of hard work.

Wiebe is using a deadbait on one rod and a Little Cleo with a piece of sucker on the other. The Cleo is getting all the action though, as there are a lot of modestly sized lakers swimming about. Wiebe says that the lake is full of them - it's practically a lake trout factory, he declares.

But there are some monster lakers in these waters too. You just have to fish deeper for them. Deeper than you can sightfish.

The fish are very aggressive. He coaxes them to the hole, reeling and jigging the Cleo up through the water column as the fish follow and lunge at it, until he gets them right to the hole. My goodness that looks like a lot of fun.

That's what makes this one of my favorite Uncut Angling videos: the sense of fun and the fact that you can actually see the fish through the ice and tease them into biting.

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