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Two Mammoth 50-Plus-Pound Lake Trout in Three Days [VIDEO]


Most anglers would die happy if they caught just one 50-plus-pound lake trout in their lifetime. This guy was in on catching TWO within three days!

On June 12, 2012, Steve Barrons and his guide, Jay Siemens, landed a HUGE 47-inch-long, 30.5-inch girth, approx. 55-pound lake trout out of Saskatchewan’s Wollaston Lake.

Two days later, June 14, Jay Siemens landed a second mammoth laker from Wollaston. This fish went 46 inches in length, 30.5 inches girth, and weighed an estimated 53.5 pounds.

Watch Siemens catch that second behemoth. The mass of these fish is incredible.

Here’s a shot of Barrons and Siemans’ first giant lake trout.

laker 2

I don’t know about you, but fishing Wollaston Lake just made it onto my bucket list.

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Two Mammoth 50-Plus-Pound Lake Trout in Three Days [VIDEO]