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Sight Fishing Tiger Trout Through the Ice [VIDEO]

Sight fishing tiger trout through the ice takes a lot of setup work, but the payoff is big in excitement when the beautiful hybrid fish put on a show.

Uncut Angling‘s Aaron Wiebe surprises a young fan of the show, Nolan, as he comes home from school, with an ice fishing adventure.

Uncut Angling does it again, producing a unique fishing episode that is big on practical information and big on fun. Wiebe enlists young Nolan as his co-host for the day, as the two prepare to hunt a lake stocked with colorful tiger trout.

Aaron and Nolan go through the lengthy process of drilling a lot of holes through the ice and recording depth measurements in order to find the best structural depth and weed edge. They then drill and saw a large angled hole, using a special ice saw from

The two then set their shanty over the large hole and start jigging. I have to admit, it sure makes for more interesting viewing when fishing over a large TV-screen-like hole over shallow water.

It doesn’t take long before the tigers are attracted to their lures and the real fun begins.

Wiebe explains the gear they’re both using, and the purpose for their choices. Nolan’s lighter rig and PK Predator spoon proves to be the ticket as he hooks two big and chunky tiger trout, a gorgeous hook-jawed male and a thick female.

If you’re an avid ice fisherman, this sight fishing technique is worth considering for just about any shallow water fish you may be after. I’ve bookmarked the ice saw site and am already planning to give Wiebe’s method a go this winter when I hit the ice.

It’s always cool to see kids excited about fishing, and hats off to Uncut Angling for making this young angler’s day.

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Sight Fishing Tiger Trout Through the Ice [VIDEO]