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Crazy Sight Fishing Through the Ice for Arctic Char

Sight fishing through a big square hole in the ice looks like an absolute blast, and judging from this gal's reaction it's more fun than you can shake a fishing rod at.

Cari Wiebe, sister of Uncut Angling's Aaron Wiebe, appears to be having more fun in this episode than any human being should be allowed to have. She is in constant laugh and smile mode as she does some sight fishing for arctic char.

I have to admit, it is pretty darn exciting to see these big, beautiful fish appear and disappear through the square window in the ice that she's looking into. And to watch one actually take the bait - well, that is just so cool.

Cari is jigging a Jackall Lures rattle bait in very shallow water, and the lure's movement and sound appears to be driving the char into a frenzy.

Now sight fishing through large holes like this isn't legal everywhere but it is in Canada where Aaron and Cari are fishing. You may remember Aaron sight fishing for tiger trout last year and catching some real beauties. But in many states there is a limit on the diameter of the hole you can fish through on the ice. So check your state regulations.

Cari's enthusiasm and super positive attitude is infectious as she pulls in three or four nice char. The fish do much of their fighting right next to her on the surface of the water as she kneels beside the hole. It is kind of funny how she talks to each fish as though it were a puppy dog while she unhooks and releases it.

They're fishing right on the weed edge, in water that's only a few feet deep. You might have to head up north to do fishing like this - especially if you're after arctic char - but it sure does look like fun.

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