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Using the Latest Fishing Technology for Giant Lake Trout [VIDEO]

Imagine being able to make an instant, detailed contour map of the water you're fishing, while in your boat. New fishing technology makes it a reality.

Fishing electronics continue to become more sophisticated and more environment-specific.

Humminbird's AutoChart Live is cutting-edge technology that allows you to "create richly detailed maps of your favorite fishing spots in real time" by digitally mapping the water you're fishing while you drive the boat.

Aaron Wiebe of Uncut Angling is fishing a northern Manitoba lake for big lake trout in this episode, and he shows how to use live mapping technology to accurately chart a reef.

It is pretty darn cool to see exactly how the boat's path maps the lake's contours with each pass.

Wiebe also marked a school of fish that he assumed were baitfish. But upon lowering an Aqua-Vu underwater camera directly onto the location, he discovered that it was an entire school of lake trout.

Being able to positively identify a school like that obviously has some benefits. For example, deciding how long to work a congregation of fish that might otherwise be misidentified is a definite advantage.

Following his digital map and working the school by vertically jigging a large Bondy Bait, Wiebe hooked, landed, and released a big lake trout.

The video offers a fine demonstration of how new technology can be effectively employed to save time and locate fish. Catching them, however, is still all about presentation.

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Using the Latest Fishing Technology for Giant Lake Trout [VIDEO]