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Bumper’s Slob-Fat Lake Trout [VIDEO]

Awesome fun as these anglers realize they have a full-grown, wild boar-sized lake trout on the line.

Reese “Bumper” Blackmuir and friends Jay Siemens and Josh Reischer were trolling on some unidentified lake “in the North” (it’s all very mysterious, isn’t it?).

Bumper hooked something heavy and it didn’t take too long before the guys realize that it’s a beast of a laker. Hoots and hollers and “Oh Bumper! Oh Bumper! OH MY GOODNESS, BUMPER!” fill the air as the fat laker reveals itself.

Bumper, of course, is grinning from ear to ear the whole time.

They finish the exciting catch with a very cool underwater shot of the release and the chunky lake trout swimming back down to the depths.

We don’t know the weight of the laker but they show us the measurement: 42 inches.

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Bumper’s Slob-Fat Lake Trout [VIDEO]