Watch This Massive Lake Trout Pick Up and Swallow a Dead Bait on an Aqua-Vu Camera

Aaron Wiebe ties his personal best with a monstrous lake trout, and he gets to watch it eat his dead bait off the bottom of the lake on an Aqua-Vu camera.

It's Aaron Wiebe's last day at Clearwater Lake in Manitoba and rather than packing up to head home, he's decided to go ice fishing one more time. Good thing too, as he catches a lake trout that ties his personal best and he captures the whole thing on his Aqua-Vu camera, including the moment that the big trout picks his dead bait up off the bottom.

Here's an interesting tip from Wiebe, as he drills holes and prepares to rig his fishing rods: If you check Google Earth, Apple Maps or other online maps, you can see some indication of dropoffs or underwater edges in clear bodies of water where shallow water meets deeper water.

That's a great tip for learning a little bit about a lake that may be unfamiliar to you.

Wiebe goes over his tackle and rigging, which is well worth taking note of, especially as it concerns his dead bait rig. But what's really cool is the scene on his Aqua-Vu underwater camera. He can see the lake trout and how they react to his lure and the bait and, theoretically, he can adjust his presentation accordingly.

It's also interesting to note that the big laker that enters the picture plays with the dead bait a little, he swims around and keeps coming in and out of the picture. Without the Aqua-Vu there's no way that Wiebe would have known that the fish was even there or was at all interested.

This is sight fishing using technology to its best advantage. Without it, it seems pretty unlikely that Wiebe would have stayed in this location or that he would have caught such a monstrous lake trout. Exciting stuff.

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