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9 of the Most Controversial and Intriguing Bigfoot Videos Ever Taken

Is bigfoot real? Watch these videos and judge for yourself.

Everybody loves a good mystery and there is no topic that is more hotly debated among sportsmen and women than the subject of bigfoot, aka: sasquatch. Every year hundreds of hikers, hunters and more claim to have seen the large, hairy, man-like biped beast. TV shows like "Finding Bigfoot" have helped popularize the legend even more. From the jungles of the Amazon to the mountains of the Himalayas that allegedly hold creatures like the yeti, the legends have persisted for hundreds of years.

Skeptics say the beast is either a misidentified animal or simply a hoax. It stands to reason that if the creature exists, there should be some bigfoot footage or pics to prove it right? Well, in the modern age of social media, the Internet is full of "bigfoot videos" that allegedly are proof of the beast's existence.

Today we present them to you to judge for yourself. We are not certain as to the validity of these videos. However, it's always fun to watch and wonder right?

The Patterson-Gimlin footage

For many believers, this is THE definitive proof of the creature's existence. Filmed by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin back in 1967, the veracity of the footage has been debated endlessly for decades. This footage is single handedly responsible for the image of bigfoot in popular culture. The part where it turns towards the camera has been seen on movie posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs, pins and lawn decorations in the decades since. Multiple people have claimed to have been the person to have worn the suit for a hoax, yet Gimlin insists to this day that he knows what he saw. In fact, he's gone so far as to say the film "ruined his life." At the very least it seems Gimlin really does believe he had a real bigfoot encounter. If it was a hoax, maybe Gimlin wasn't in on Patterson's joke? Patterson died in 1972, still insisting the footage was real. With so much time passed now we may never know the truth of what happened in that creek bed in Northern California more than 50 years ago.

The Freeman Footage

Next to Patterson and Gimlin, this is probably the next most famous piece of bigfoot footage ever. Captured by United States Forest Service worker and bigfoot researcher Paul Freeman in 1994, this video has been just as hotly debated. Although, once again, the video quality is too poor to tell what is really going on here. Freeman allegedly shot this video in Oregon near the Blue Mountains. Some claim there are two or even three creatures in this footage. We'll let you judge for yourself. Jump to the 4:45 mark to see the clearest figure shown.

North Carolina Creature

This footage was taken in Hickory, North Carolina in 2019. This local news broadcast shows the footage taken by true believer Doug Teague. He claims he encountered the beast with his dog in the woods near his home. He also claims there was not one but three creatures hanging around when he shot this footage. As is usually the case, it's blurry and out of focus. Make of that and Teague's story what you will.

Marble Mountain Bigfoot

Another incredibly famous piece of footage, the Marble Mountain footage has been scrutinized again and again with no clear answers as to what it shows. Shot in 2000 in California by Jim Mills. He was there on a backpacking trip with a youth group when they found strange huts, which can be seen at the beginning of the video. Shortly after that, at around the 2:42 mark, the group spot a mysterious figure walking along a high ridge. The next three minutes catches whatever it is slowly descending the mountain. Is it the elusive cryptid? The obvious first thought is that it is a hiker, but it does have an odd gait and seemingly long arms. The sighting remains a mystery to this day.

Independence Day Bigfoot Footage

The name comes from the fact that it was allegedly filmed on the 4th of July, there are not a whole lot of details about this footage out there. Many people have made comparisons of this footage to Patterson and Gimlin due to the movement and clarity. We will at least credit it this, it is much clearer than most bigfoot videos you'll find on the web. Cue the jokes about bigfoot only being found in blurry and out-of-focus areas. It also is unique because it supposedly shows an adult bigfoot carrying an infant. Hey, if it is a hoax, at least they were original with it!

Mississippi Skunk Ape

In a mysterious two-minute video uploaded to YouTube in 2013, user Josh Highcliff says he was hunting feral hogs when he spotted something mysterious in the swamp. In the video's description he says the footage was shot outside Tunica, Mississippi. Whatever the "thing" in the video is, it appears to be crouched down by a tree and tearing it apart. Near the end of the video it suddenly stands up to full height and the cameraman makes a hasty retreat out of there. What is it? We have no idea, watch and judge for yourself.

The accidental bigfoot

The interesting thing about this footage is that the person who shot it claims that they weren't looking for the creature at all. In fact, they never saw it. Instead they discovered it lurking in the background later. This one happens fast. It almost looks like something big and hairy peeks out from behind the bushes at the unaware fisherman in the creek and then slinks back into the woods just as quickly.

The Provo Canyon Creature

Allegedly there are two different videos filmed by two different people of the same creature near Provo Canyon Utah in 2012 roughly a month apart. In both instances the footage is short and unfocused. The first video shows the creature allegedly chucking a rock at the person filming it, which is supposed to be a common behavior of the creatures. The second video shows it hunched over in the brush before it stands and turns towards the people filming. We aren't sure of the validity of these. However, we cannot deny they are interesting.

The Yellowstone bison hunter

This footage first started making viral rounds in 2015. The interesting thing about this footage is that it wasn't taken by someone stomping through the woods. Instead, it is webcam footage from Yellowstone National Park. The person who posted the capture claims it shows four bigfoot-like creatures hunting bison. Of course, it could just as easily be tourists. In any case, it's fun to speculate and wonder about these bigfoot sightings.

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