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Turkey Hunter Claims to Have Recorded Bigfoot

Plenty have claimed to see the legendary Sasquatch, but few have documented the spectacle with video.

Hunters have reported Bigfoot encounters for hundreds of years, and some have even claimed to see the beast killing deer.

Those claims have remained undocumented, until a turkey hunter by the name of Christina Todd caught on film what she believes are two Bigfoot lumbering through the forest, one carrying what could be a deer, last July. In true "Blair Witch" style, she expresses amazement and fear into the camera.

Check out the video to see if you agree with Cristina's assessment:

Although we're not sure we agree that Cristina's life was in danger, there's no doubt she was scared by the sight she witnessed.

Do you think the forms in the distance were actually two Bigfoot?

Or, is this guy just a nut, and we're all suddenly a bit more certain all Bigfoot sightings are fake?

Your call...

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Turkey Hunter Claims to Have Recorded Bigfoot