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Man Claims His Dad Shot Bigfoot in 1953 and He Has the Creature's Head to Prove It

YouTube: Peter Caine Dog Training

This man claims his dad shot Bigfoot in 1953.

It's been a while since a good Bigfoot story hit the internet, but this one is a whopper. A New York man is claiming he has a frozen Sasquatch body and just recently revealed the head on YouTube.

No, we're not kidding. A man named Peter Caine is actually making these claims. He says his father and a friend shot the Bigfoot and chopped up the body back in 1953. He also claims the body has been on ice since.

Wait until you hear his crazy story about this 120-pound head ruining Thanksgiving dinner...

After scanning over Caine's YouTube channel, it looks like he'd been posting videos like this for almost a year before he uploaded this video of the head in December.

While he insists that this is real, it's worth noting that in other videos he also claims Bigfoot is an alien or cyborg. Seems legit, right?

Amazingly enough, this is the second time in a year's time someone has claimed to be in possession of a Bigfoot head. A Utah man claimed he had a fossilized head last June.

He rejected expert opinions that his find was "just a rock."

We'll let you be the judge on this new story. Real or elaborate hoax?

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Man Claims His Dad Shot Bigfoot in 1953 and He Has the Creature's Head to Prove It