YouTube: Sasquatch Chronicles

Bigfoot Theories Follow Release of Questionable Trail Camera Footage

Has bigfoot finally been caught on a trail camera?

Everyone's always asking, "If Bigfoot is real, why isn't he ever captured on a trail camera?" Well, there's a new piece of video fresh on the net alleging to do exactly that.

Supposedly, this newest footage was shot in northern California. It's really short and it doesn't show much, but the story is, whatever this thing is, it ripped the trail camera off a tree and then buried it in some leaves.

Check it out and see what you think.

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According to the YouTube channel Sasquatch Chronicles, this newest video came from a very remote part of the Sequoia National Forest, 27 miles back into the forest in an area that can be reached only by ATV and foot.

As for the video's origins, they're obscure, as these things always are. It supposedly came from a unnamed veteran law enforcement official, who got it from another official investigating illegal operations as part of a marijuana grow task force.

There's also an explanation for why the clip is so short. The camera was allegedly set to record 10-second clips only, so officers wouldn't have to replace the SD cards as often during their investigation.

As for what exactly is in the clip, that's up for debate.

This has certainly been a year for Sasquatch. This latest video is at least the fifth new Bigfoot video to hit the net this year. Alleged new footage has also popped up in Idaho, Florida, Oregon, and one unknown location.

What do you think? Is this the real deal? A misidentified known animal? Or just another hoax?