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New Bigfoot Footage is Alleged to be Legendary Florida Skunk Ape

skunk ape

Is this the legendary Florida skunk ape? Or something else entirely?

Cryptozoologists Mark Barton and Chris Conner have posted what they claim to be new footage of bigfoot, also known in Florida as the skunk ape. This footage was captured in the central park of Florida within the Green Swamp Wildlife Management area.

Is this footage really the legendary bigfoot? You be the judge.

The men later told Bay News 9 they didn't realize they had caught something on video until they went back and looked at it later. They claim the footage captures a skunk ape's head and shoulders as it hides from them.

Another skunk ape researcher, Dave Shealy also commented on the new footage to the New Times Browland Palm Beach."What I saw looked like an animal hiding behind some bushes," Shealy said. Still, "the last thing I'm going to do is discredit fellow researchers who are spending time in the field. I can see there's a living creature behind the bushes. It looks like the brow line of what appears to be a black bear."

It's really blurry, but I agree with him, looks like a bear. What do you think? Bear? Skunk Ape or some other known animal?


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New Bigfoot Footage is Alleged to be Legendary Florida Skunk Ape