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4 Unidentified Figures Raise Suspicions, Bigfoot Theories

YouTube: ThinkerThunker

Here is an in-depth breakdown of a video that, according to some, captures four Bigfoot hunting buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.

A video uploaded to YouTube, which focuses on bison in Yellowstone National Park, has some suspicious figures in the background.

ThinkerThunker examines the video in such depth that it becomes pretty plausible that these silhouettes may be the real Bigfoot.

Watch the video below:

Even if you don't believe it for a second, the commentary is pretty entertaining in and of itself.

If you want to watch over Yellowstone National Park yourself, here is a link to the real-time web cams.

If you see something suspicious on the streaming webcam make sure you send the video clip to ThinkerThunker and he'll break it down for you.



4 Unidentified Figures Raise Suspicions, Bigfoot Theories