YouTube: ThinkerThunker

YouTuber Makes Bigfoot Case for Suspicious Yellowstone Footage

Bigfoot stories aren't hard to come by, but rarely is there one that actually makes you pause. You're usually working with some very low-quality footage with a shaky frame, a blurry picture, and usually no more than a split second of the object someone is trying to convince you is a Sasquatch.

However, while the vast majority of us can agree no Bigfoot story bears any truth, those rare head-scratchers do exist. And, according to a considerable number of people, the following clip out of Yellowstone National Park is pretty convincing. YouTuber ThinkerThunker thought it deserved a full-blown analysis, which caused quite a stir among the Bigfoot believers. In the clip he claims there are four of them hunting a group of bison, but per usual, there's a whole lot of speculation in this latest Bigfoot case.

Watch the video below:

Even if you don't believe any of this for one second, you have to admit, the commentary itself is pretty entertaining. It's pretty wild how many people out there swear by cases they've investigated or encounters they claim to have experienced themselves.

Surely there are plenty of natural phenomenons out there that we haven't been lucky enough to discover just yet. But, until we see something of substance pertaining to the never-ending Bigfoot folklore, we're going to have to treat them as what they are: entertainment. However, that's not to say you shouldn't share any suspicious footage you capture on your security or trail cameras. In fact, if you do see something bizarre, be sure to send the clip to ThinkerThunker for a breakdown. Additionally, you can keep an eye over Yellowstone National Park yourself by following this link to their real-time webcams.