Actor Rob Lowe Claims He Saw Bigfoot... and It Made Him Fear for His Life

Actor Rob Lowe says he thought bigfoot would kill him.

Rob Lowe has been making the usual media rounds lately, promoting his new show called "The Lowe Files." The premise: he travels the country with his sons investigating the usual supermarket tabloid mysteries. UFOs, ghosts and sasquatch are just some of the things they'll investigate on the show on A&E.

Yes, really.

We know, that in itself is completely bizarre. But now, everyone is talking about Lowe's recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. He claims he saw a "wood ape" (an Ozark name for a bigfoot-like creature) while making the show, and he also feared for his life when he saw it.

You can't make this stuff up.

"...but we had an incredible encounter with what locals call the wood ape, which is in the Ozark Mountains. I'm fully aware that I sound like a crazy, Hollywood kook right now," Lowe told Entertainment Weekly.

The publication pressed him a little farther on the alleged encounter, asking him if he was terrified.

"Genuinely terrified? I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed," Lowe said.

Unfortunately, that's all the detail Lowe went into about the encounter. Perhaps he held back because he wants to simply bring in more viewers. He later told the publication the encounter would be featured in the show's season finale. You can see a preview of the show in the video below.

But he also said the locals prefer to not use the typical monster title when referring to the creature.

"[The locals] talk to you about the wood ape in all seriousness. If you call it a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, they roll their if that would make it less outrageous," Lowe said.

He also told the publication nothing that will be shown in the show was staged. Make of that what you will. What do you think? Do you believe Lowe's story? Or is this just a crazy way of plugging a TV show? We leave that up for you to decide. Lowe's show debuts in August.