Gag 'Sasquatch Warning' Signs Posted in Montana National Forest

The National Forest Service has already debunked the funny posters.

Someone had a little fun at the expense of the National Forest Service with some funny warning posters in Montana.

Images of a poster bearing the U.S. Forest Service's symbol and a drawing of the legendary ape-like creature began circulating around Facebook and other social media channels recently. The warning signs were posted in the Kootenai National Forest, and they actually resembles a real warning poster one might see from the forest service. They even gave locations of the most recent Bigfoot sightings.

The poster's full text gives tips on what to do if one encounters the legendary beast. The full text is as follows:


ATTENTION CAMPERS: Due to the increasing flows in the Yaak River, sasquatches are coming down from the high country to feed on fish and vegetation at the river's edge.

Do NOT be alarmed if you have an encounter. Remain calm and follow these simple steps to stay sife [sic]:

Do not run from sasquatch

Do not chase sasquatch

Do not yell at sasquatch

Do not feed sasquatch

Do go about your business


Sasquatches will not enter an occupied camp, nor will they harm you.

Once your encounter with sasquatch is complete, report to the nearest ranger station. Please keep note of the time, location, and direction the sasquatch is traveling.

The most recent encounters are between Yaak falls and the North Fork of Yaak River."

To be fair, those are actually fairly good tips for anyone visiting a national park or forest where any kind of wildlife is abundant. Also there really are genuine warning signs for the legendary beast in some parts of the country, like this "Bigfoot crossing" sign on the way up to Pike's Peak in Colorado. Albeit, most crossing signs and warning posters are done with tongue firmly in cheek.

Still, photos of the Montana poster quickly spread like wildfire, to the point the U.S. Forest Service felt like they had to make a statement on their Facebook page to clear things up:

"The Sasquatch poster that is circulating around Facebook and other areas was not created by or coming from the U.S. Forest Service or the Kootenai National Forest."

They could've at lest had a sense of humor about it! Someone put in some serious effort to make this poster look genuine. Guess you'll have to find somewhere else to search for the legendary beast!