Fish That Got Away

10 Big Fish That Got Away

The pain of losing a fish is all too real in these videos.

We've all been there before. You've been in the boat or on the shore for hours on end just hoping for a nibble. The next thing you know, you're hooked up with the fish of a lifetime.

Just as you're about to land the fish, it throws the hook or breaks your line and swims away forever.

Few things in life are more painful than that. Today we're going to share some fishing moments like this that were caught on video.

We're sure the unlucky anglers here replayed these over and over hoping for a better outcome.

A big northern slips the net.

If you've ever fished from a kayak, you already know it's harder to land a big fish than it is in a regular boat. This guy hooked into a nice-sized northern pike. He gets as far as slipping the net under it before everything goes wrong.

So close, yet so far! Be sure to watch to the end as he reflects on what happened. We must hand it to him for having a great sense of humor about the whole thing.

When your catch gets eaten by a bigger fish...

This video went viral several years ago, but it's still great. Ever reeled in a nice fish only to lose it to a bigger one? That's what happens here, but this one is a pants-soiling moment for sure.

The fish may have gotten away, but this moment was so incredible that I don't think I'd mind losing it in this case!

He did everything right until...

This guy took his time. He didn't try to force the fish in, but rather let this big carp thoroughly wear itself out.

We'd say he did everything rightat the very last moment his line breaks. Knowing you did everything you could only makes it more painful!

A striper breaks this angler's heart.

A fish had this pole doubled over throughout the whole fight. What looks to be either a striper or a hybrid is seemingly out of gas when the line breaks. The pained look of disbelief on his face says it all.

 A monster fish snaps 200-pound test line.

A boat dock isn't generally where you'd see someone using a super-heavy deep-sea rod like this guy has. He's using 200-pound test line and he hooks something, although we never actually see it. They do, however, show a stingray right before he hooks into the giant.

Whatever it is, it takes off on a huge run and snaps the line like a piece of wet spaghetti!

First goes the rod, then the line.

We're not sure what this guy is hooked up with, but it is making some huge runs. After just a few minutes, the rod gives out. The fish is still on, but you can't really fight a fish with a rod stump. Shortly after that, the line goes too. Talk about a double whammy.

This is a snook he'll never forget.

This guy hooks into what appears to be an absolute giant of a snook. But, it also looks like he may have been just a little too eager to get it in. The fish ends up snapping his line and he's left wondering what could have been.

"He got off."

This is the one that always seems to happen to me. I'm not breaking lines or missing with the net. All my lost fish just seem to somehow shake the hook. That's what happens to this guy while fishing from a kayak.

He catches some other nice fish later in the video, but none like "the one that got away."

A tuna ruins a rod and their day.

Big tuna can be unbelievably strong, and you're in for a heck of a fight whenever you hook one. The captions on this video are not in English, but it looks like these guys spent hours fighting this fish.

It was all for naught, as the big fish simultaneously breaks their rod and their spirits with one giant run.

A big bass breaks not one, but two rods.

We really enjoy 1rod1ReelFishing's content on YouTube. Mike always has fun fishing videos, and this one from Texas is no exception.

Mike and his guide buddy break not one, but two rods only moments apart on what could only be one giant bucketmouth of a bass.

This is the type of thing no one would believe if they didn't have video of it to prove it.

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