dogtooth tuna

Video: Dogtooth Tuna Pull Line Like No Other Fish

There aren't many fish that'll make your reel scream like this!

Saltwater fish have a different fight in them than those swimming in freshwater, but perhaps none fights like the dogtooth tuna.

A mixture of excitement and nerves weighs on fishermen when they hook into any saltwater giant. These fish hit hard, they fight right out of the gate and they seem to have enough stamina to go all day.

You generally know right away when you hook into a quality fish on a deep-sea fishing expedition, as only giants pound drag like the fish in the video below:

That sound always seems to just come out of nowhere. One minute you're in a daze looking out across the water, and then in the blink of an eye, you're doing everything you can to hold on to a sea warrior that's ripping line off your rig faster than you could ever dream to reel.

Any serious saltwater fisherman will tell you an appropriate drag setting is your best friend, and this is exactly why. If any of the anglers in this video had their drag set to tight, they'd undoubtedly break the line against the force these fish are pulling with.

I've never had the luxury of hooking into a dogtooth tuna before, but I can safely say I'd be terrified I'd run out of line, especially if I had a reel as small as these.

Dogtooth tuna, also known as white tuna, are all over the Indo-Pacific area. They cover the eastern coast of Africa up to the Red Sea in the Indian Ocean, and between Japan and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. They can weigh up to can weigh up to 285 pounds and measure up to 100 inches long.

Have you ever caught a game fish that pulls harder than a dogtooth? If so, what was it?