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The One That Got Away – A Fish Lost

How would you feel if you planned for an opening day fishing trip, hooked one good fish and then…lost it at the net?! Would not its size grow in the retelling?

A weekend opening day fishing trip is planned for some distant lake. The car is loaded and the drive is taken. The night before the big day he sets up the tent and gets everything ready for an early morning kayak boat launch. There are fish waiting to be caught!

The morning dawns and he gets up with excitement and anticipation. Everything is perfect when he hits the water. He paddles and fishes for a few hours and finally – finally! – he gets a bite.

It’s a big one! He gets so excited that he tries to net it, perhaps a little too soon, and…oh no, oh no, oh no…

Plenty of bleeped curse words and self recrimination result as our hero relives the moment.

“I screwed that up,” he says. “I screwed it up real bad.”

“It was not a ten kilo fish, but it could have been around eight or something,” he says mournfully. “It was a nice fish.”

Then later at the dock the pike’s size grows. Perhaps a little sooner than we might expect – haha! But soon it is a “20-21 kilo…yeah, it was a big fish. But we will never know.”

No, we will never know.

Some local fishermen say they still see that poor boy sitting and lying on that deck…

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The One That Got Away – A Fish Lost