teens fight with fishermen

Teens Fight with Fishermen Over 300-Pound Stingray

Fishing should be a relaxing sport.

But these anglers had to fight off teenagers trying to free their stingray. Witness the shocking footage when teens fight with fishermen over a 300-pound stingray.

When these salt water anglers hooked into a huge stingray said to be 300 pounds quite a commotion started. Teenage beach goes decided to fight with the anglers to let the stingray go all captured on this video shared by ViralHog on Youtube.

The verbal altercation turned into assault when a big bucket of water was dumped on one fisherman. Any cell phones or such in his pockets surely were ruined by the hoodlum's actions. As the anglers tried to drag their heavy catch by rope and chain back toward the fishing pier teenagers grabbed the line. A tug-of-war ensued until luckily a law enforcement officer armed with a taser ready broke up the melee. The big catch had to be hauled up the steep pier away from the angry anti-fishing beach crowd.

Here is just one of many examples that we have found of animal rights activists illegally interfering with hunts and fishing alike. We suggest those misled haters to read the Pittman Robertson Act of 1937. That will prove to them we are the real conservationists, not them.