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25 Reasons Gun Owners Are Lucky

We picked these 25 reasons gun owners are lucky.

If you are currently among our ranks as a gun owner, you know that it is a big responsibility. As a law abiding citizen of these great United States of America you have the Constitutional right to own one, as stated in the Second Amendment.

Let’s look at the 25 ways gun owners are lucky.

25. Home protection.

We are in power to protect our home from intruders that have malice in their hearts.

24. We do not depend on 911.


While our law enforcement does all it can to protect us, they cannot be everywhere at all times. We have to take charge of our safety.

23. We aren’t slaves to technology.

When away from our homes in legally allowed areas, our guns can protect us where cell phone service is none and help may be even days away.

22. It’s up to us.

Like the old saying goes “I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.” Most of us do not have armed security like the president does…

21. The harvest.

Guns allow us to hunt game to put meat on the table.

20. Blow off some steam.

They are the ultimate in stress relief.

19. Feed our competitive instinct.

Competition shooting is a great recreational sport to choose from with many offerings in pistol, shotgun and rifle. Look up your local range for more information.

18. Stand back.

Better distance for hunting over archery or other means, where legal.

17. Cost benefits.

Ammunition is cheaper than arrows.

16. Retrieval? Nope.

No worry on retrieving lost bullets like arrows. They are disposable (save that brass though for reloading).

15. Bullets trump muscle.

My petite wife can defend herself from an attacker, whether it is a bear, or a felon the size of a bear.

14. The ultimate rancher’s tool.


One of the many very useful tools out on the farm or homestead. Great way to send that pesky fox away for good and save the chickens.

13. Preparation.

If we are called to duty to defend the nation, we are already trained in safe gun handling and marksmanship. The Civilian Marksmanship Program is in place for this.

12. Gun shows!

The ultimate in local sporting events that allows us to trade, sell and buy.

11. Accessories.

It is quite fun to deck out a new gun with all the add-ons that we feel are necessary for our purposes. Slings, scopes, you name it!

10. Conservation.

Gun owners add to the natural resources due to the Pittman Robertson Act. When we buy, nature wins.

9. Range time.

Indoor ranges allow us to practice in a climate controlled atmosphere when inclement weather hits. This sport goes on all year.

8. Being taught to shoot by boyfriends, husbands, and fathers has brought many women to the world of hunting.


My wife learned to shoot with my while we dated, and now are hunting buddies. It is a great way to bring women into the outdoors and shooting sports.

7. A sport that all sizes of people can enjoy.

Whether you are the size of a pro wrestler, or a petite, there is a gun that will fit you and your shooting style.

6. Family heirlooms.

Many of us have that one gun that was from a passed on family member that is so cherished. They take us back to a different time with just even a glance upon the contents of the gun cabinet.

5. We sleep better at night.

I sure do.

4. The satisfaction of owning a gun.

Whether it is a long range rifle hitting targets at incredible distances or a small pistol popping targets at twenty one feet away, the satisfaction in tight groupings from our investment.

3. Speaking of investments!

Many guns increase in price over the years, beating most other investments.


2. Reloading.

Guns open us up to another fun hobby, cartridge and shell reloading. Roll your own!

1. Because we can.

We are lucky and blessed to live in the country where our gun rights are guaranteed by the Constitution’s Second Amendment.



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25 Reasons Gun Owners Are Lucky