animal rights protesters harass families

Just When You Think You've Seen it All: Animal Rights Protesters Harass Fishing Families

Animal rights activists are after anglers, too.

In this shocking and disturbing video, the harassment is real as animal rights activists interfere with anglers trying to go about their business.

Imagine a peaceful day fishing at your local park. You have your fishing permit and are doing everything right. Families have their children at the park, too, and everyone is enjoying the day. That is, until these very aggressive animal rights activists show up, as shared by Facebook user Bob Hope.

Animal rights activists are not just after hunters. If you fish once a year, these misled youths and one very aggressive young man are out to get you. These same activists obviously have no clue about where hunting and fishing license fees and equipment taxes go to through the Pittman Robertson Act: these funds go directly to conservation of wildlife.

We care about the fish and the game we harvest. They feed our families and we directly contribute funds to preserve those and other species in the wilds.

How much money and time have these protesters spent on wildlife conservation? These misled bullies look for confrontations so they can try to make anglers and hunters alike look bad. Make sure you don't fall for it. Give them the facts. If they aren't happy with that, they can talk either to the game warden or the local police. Interfering with a legal hunt or fishing activity is illegal in many jurisdictions.