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5 Things You Were Told About Hunting That Are Dead Wrong

Many people have the wrong ideas about hunting.

Here are the top five things we hear about hunting that are just dead wrong.

5. Hunters are only in it for the kill; they are killers. 

Absolutely not. Hunters enjoy the fair chase of their game species, the humane harvest of those animals for the table and to use all parts possible.

Grilled Lamb steak

4. Hunting kills off all of the animals.

Wrong again. Hunters play a natural part in the predator-prey relationship, especially where big predatory animals have been extinct for centuries.

Without the hunter’s annual harvest, many animal populations would explode and the increased animals would overpopulate their habitat and exhaust available food sources. These smaller animals would die from starvation and disease at an alarming rate. The numbers do not lie for game species recovery this century.

National Rifle Association


3. Hunters take from the wilds and do not give back.

Once again, very wrong. Hunting licenses, along with taxes on ammunition, guns and sporting goods, go directly back to wildlife management.

These funds are used to buy those great refuges we see for waterfowl and the public lands that we all use and enjoy. Who else has given so much back to the wilds? No group bigger than the hunters and outdoorsmen.

Hunter Course


2. Hunters are horrible people. 

We are from a cross section of society who enjoy walking through the woods, giving back to nature with our taxed sporting goods, and enjoy watching wildlife. We are doctors, lawyers, garbage collectors, park rangers, politicians, bankers, factory workers, you name it. We all share the bond of the wilds. Does that make us horrible people?

Washington Post


1. Wild animal meat is gross.

Sigh, the uneducated are missing out on our culinary delights! Check the fancy grocery stores next time and see what the price of rabbit is. Oh, and our meat we harvest is truly organic!

Bow Hunter

The next time someone blanches when you tell them you hunt, tell them to educate themselves before being so judgmental.

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5 Things You Were Told About Hunting That Are Dead Wrong