Tiny Yorkie Takes on Attacking Coyote, Saves Little Girl

One brave, Canadian Yorkie saved a 10-year-old girl from a coyote attack!

While on a walk with her Yorkshire terrier, Macy, 10-year-old Lily Kwan noticed a huge coyote was stalking them. Residents in the Toronto neighborhood had reported more frequent sightings of the prey animals, and warnings were posted for people to be careful walking small dogs and to keep an eye on children. However, no one was prepared for what a neighbors home security camera caught—a small Yorkie saving a girl from a coyote.

Yorkie Saving Her Little Girl

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The trending video shows Macy and her 10-year-old owner were running through the neighborhood screaming for help as the coyote closed the gap. Lily told CTV News that she tried ringing people's doorbells while calling for help. The whole time they were running, Lily was holding on to her dog's leash. Finally, she let go and went running toward the neighbors home, a neighbor who let her come inside.

The brave dog hung back and went paw to paw with the coyote. You can see the coyote pick the little dog up in his mouth before Macy, and the neighbor scares it away on the surveillance video.

Injured Little Hero

Macy was injured in the scuffle with the wild animal, ending up with puncture wounds in her back, and wound up in the intensive care unit at the local vet. She spent a week in the ICU. The latest news on the brave pup: she returned to her Scarborough home to see her little girl.

Lily's mom Dorothy Kwan set up a GoFundme to help with the brave pup's vet bills, which are not inexpensive after the amount of time the pup spent a the vet. CNN reported that the pup had to undergo surgery to repair the damage from the woundsFox News reported that the pup had 40 stitches in its tiny body.  Unfortunately for Macy, Canada's free health care is only for humans. So far, the Go Fund Me has raised almost $34,000 for the heroic Yorkie who proved that she could save her girl from a coyote.

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