5 Adorable Dog Face Masks That You'll Love Wearing

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If you have to wear a mask, you might as well have fun with it!

Face masks are going to be part of our daily lives for a while, so let's have a little fun with it. Disposable face masks are great, and all, but these funny dog face masks are better. They're washable, cute, and budget-friendly, since buying disposable masks adds up.

These breathable animal masks are perfect for dog lovers. You never know, you might make someone smile (under their mask, of course) when they see your funny animal face mask. Here are five funny dog masks that everyone will love.

Funny Dog Face Masks

1. Rave Bandana for Men Women

Hey Yorkshire Terrier mommas, here's the perfect cloth face mask for you! This reusable face mask has a colorful design that's going to catch the eyes of other dog owners.

2. Adult Dachshund Dog Face Mask

What do you call Dachshunds anyway? The name is up for debate, but regardless of what you call them, this face mask is adorable. The cute dog on this mask looks like all the adorable Dachshunds I see around the neighborhood. One size fits most, so grab this mask before it's gone.

It'll be your favorite mask to wear to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

3. Animal Neck Gaiter

If you love pug puns, you have to grab the pug version of this mask. This neck gaiter is hilarious. Pug moms, you have to get this mask. If you prefer neck gaiters over masks with ear loops, then consider this one! Yes, it's incredibly goofy, but you need a face cover. And it comes in Shepherd version as well as pretty much any other dog you can think of!

It'll be a conversation starter, fur sure.

This Chihuahua dog face mask is just too cute. You can grab this mask in several paw varieties, as well as other dog breeds. From a distance it looks like a cute pattern, but up close it showcases this great breed!

5. Bruce Shark Mouth Face Mask Scarf

Golden Retrievers have the gentlest mouths, and now you can cover yours with a Golden Retriever smile! So sweet! Golden Retrievers are beautiful, and this mask is adorable. Dog moms will love it.

For more funny dog face masks, visit Amazon. They have plenty of face coverings with different kinds of dog breeds. Don't forget to practice social distancing!

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This post was originally published on June 24, 2020.

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