Teen Shoves Bear
Screenshot: ABC 7 News

Teenager Fearlessly Shoves Mother Bear Off Backyard Wall to Save Her Dogs

Teen suffers only a scratch protecting dogs from a bear.

One teenager suffered a small scratch and her dogs all lived to see another day after the young woman took on a mother black bear with her bare hands and won. It happened on Memorial Day and the entire incident was captured by a backyard surveillance camera. Once the footage hit the Internet, it instantly went viral.

According to ABC 7 News, the incident happened in Bradbury, California. The bear is on a backyard wall with her cubs when the dogs go ballistic, leaping and barking at the wayward bruins. The mother responds by taking a few swipes with her large paws.

Only seconds into the video, 17-year-old Hailey Morinico runs into the frame and shoves the large bear off the wall before gathering up her dogs and running back into the house. You simply must see it to believe it.

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According to ABC 7, Morinico suffered only a small scratch from this incident. All the dogs were unharmed in the incident. The larger dog that seemed to be leading the assault on the bruin was Morinico's service dog. If you watch closely, it seems that the larger dog is the one that keeps the bear distracted just long enough for Morinico to run up without the wild animal noticing. It may have been a very different scenario had the bear seen the teen coming.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is becoming more common in areas where wild animals have become displaced by human settlements. The animals have fewer places to go and are drawn to human habitations by easy access to food. More of these encounters are being captured on camera simply because more people are installing this type of home security on the outside of their homes.

For us, this video is currently tied with that other viral video of a rabid bobcat attacking a couple in North Carolina for wildest animal attack video of the year. It makes us wonder what other wild animal encounters we will see caught on camera this year!

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