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Woman Walks into Humane Society, Asks for 2 Dogs That Had Been There The Longest

This just in...North Carolina had one of the highest numbers of cats and dogs killed at shelters last year, a study found.

"In 2018, 246,000 cats and dogs entered shelters in the state, 167,000 were saved and 55,900 were killed, a study by Best Friends Animal Society found."

Given this statistic, this adoption couldn't have come any sooner. And if this concerns you, then the woman's quote in this story will break your heart and you'll all be crying.

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"It's so important to adopt older pets. I'm glad to give them a home for the last few years of their life. They give so much love back."

Yes, they do! Adopting a pet is the single best thing you can do and this woman, Leslie, had room for not one but two dogs. She should be applauded and showered with wonderful notes from the community! The shelter staff sheds tears in the parking lot as she loads the two dogs into her car. The shelter, The Asheville Humane Society, on Facebook shares all the wonderful details.

They introduced Leslie to Sam (who had extensive medical issues, was with them for 6 months, adopted then returned) and Brutus (who has severe separation anxiety, was with them for 5 months, and was originally surrendered to be euthanized at 13 years old). Leslie has a three-story house and two acres of a fenced-in yard where Sam and Brutus will spend their golden years.

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"Today is the kind of day that every person who works in an animal shelter dreams about!!! Leslie walked through our front doors and said, "Which two dogs have been here the longest, with the most special needs? I'm here to take them both home with me."  

It's no surprise that we also learn from the post this shelter is critically full right now they are waiving adoption fees for all dogs and cats over 6 months old through July 31.

What a wonderful day for this shelter and these two animals that can live out their golden years with a loving family. 

These two dogs now have a second chance at happiness! The rest of their days will be spent with Leslie and her family on a two-acre property!

How wonderful is this woman? We love this one! Please leave a comment below. 

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