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Two Wolves Attack a Wolverine With a 'Divide and Conquer' Approach


These wolves may have bitten off more than they can chew!

The wolf is an apex predator wherever it is found and as a result, they are not afraid to at least tangle with animals bigger and meaner than them. Here at Wide Open Spaces, we have seen videos of packs of wolves chasing and fighting grizzly bears before in the past.

No one can accuse a wolf of not being brazen and that's the case with today's video. These two wolves have spotted another vicious animal, a wolverine.

The wolverine has a nasty reputation of its own and not many other animals would go up to one trying to pick a fight. Watch as these two wolves do just that. Watch the video below as they try to distract and get the angle on one of North America's most fearsome predators. It's a brief skirmish, but it includes plenty of gnashing of teeth and claw!


As you saw here, even the wolves know when to back down from a fight. This wolverine was an expert at playing defense and was eventually able to get these wolves to stand down from their attack. We don't blame them. The wolverine is one of the largest members of the Mustelidae family. They are related to badgers and weasels.

Wolverines are often scavengers, which would explain why one was found near the wolves. It was likely trying to steal the wolves' kill. Or at the very least, some scraps from a kill. This makes the wolverine just as brazen because not many animals would try such a stunt.

The wolverine does have a nasty reputation of its own. This is not an animal you want to corner, because they will fight back with everything they've got as you saw here. In the end, it seems it made more sense for both animals to stand down and avoid further injuries. We're just glad someone was nearby with a camera to capture this amazing scene on film!

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