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Bison Attacked by Pack of Wolves, Then Another Bison

YouTube: mmonn1906

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

A pack of at least nine large gray wolves attack a herd of American bison (or buffalo). As predators are wont to do, the wolves pick out a smaller and weaker bison and attack it from all sides.

The small buffalo looks to be in a hopeless situation. But wait! Here comes a hero to save his desperate companion!

Watch the video below:

The "assisting" bison looks like it means to barrel through the wolf pack like a bowling ball through a set of pins. But it misses the mark and slams into its fellow bison instead, tumbling his herdmate and wolves together.

The pack quickly recovers and swarms over the fallen buffalo. You can almost hear the hapless beast crying out as his would-be savior continues running past after sealing the little guy's fate, "Thanks a lot you a**hoooollle!"

Hold on a second... I said that the second bison was dumb. Wolf pack attacks herd. Wolves single out Larry (who's to say his name wasn't Larry?).

"If Larry goes down, well, the rest of us are free and clear! Nobody liked Larry, anyway."

Maybe that big bison wasn't so dumb after all.



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Bison Attacked by Pack of Wolves, Then Another Bison