Wait, What? You Gotta See This Texas Couple's Pet Buffalo

Yeah, this couple really does have a pet buffalo. 

People do crazy things. Living with a pet buffalo inside your house would qualify as one of them.

As you are about to see, this couple doesn't just tolerate it, they love it. We are not condoning for you to get a pet buffalo yourself. However, you can at least see that raising one indoors can be done. Well, if you have the nerve to do it.

"Wild Thing" the buffalo weighs about 2,500 pounds. However, to Ronnie and Sherron Bridges, he's their baby. So much in fact, it has lived inside their home since it was three and a half years old. Now, 11 years later, Wild Thing has its own bedroom, goes outside to bathroom, eats at the kitchen table, and loves cartoons. 

"It's like having a small car in the house," Ronnie told Inside Edition. "He's real careful about not knocking anything in the house, but he tears up my house on the outside. I think he knows the house is my territory, and outside is his."

That is at least comforting knowing the couple and their pet buffalo at least have some sort of understanding when it come to whose house it really is.

As the story goes, to this day, Wild Thing has yet to break anything inside the home.