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Woman Feeds Huge, Wild Pet Mule Deer by Hand

Judy Hixson

Even though this creature is wild, it sure acts like a pet mule deer. 

Judythe Hixson called herself out in a recent video that she posted to her Facebook timeline. In this video, you see her walk out of her house and call to a giant wild pet mule deer in her backyard. It then walks right up to her fence and eats something out of her hand!

If you are an outdoorsman, this might be one of the greatest videos you’ll see for a while.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am just playing with words when calling this a pet mule deer. Obviously this deer is wild, but it has definitely been accustomed to Miss Judy Hixson and her handouts.

What did she say when she called herself out?

“You know you’ve lived in the wilderness too long when you feed Big Buck from your hand and he lets you!”

Yeah. I would say that is pretty accurate.


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Woman Feeds Huge, Wild Pet Mule Deer by Hand