Yellowstone Grizzly
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Yellowstone Grizzly Takes on 20 Wolves in Battle Over Bison Carcass

Who wins in a spar between one grizzly bear and 20 wolves?

As we get into the heart of fall, animals are starting to prepare for the long winter just like humans. Yellowstone National Park's grizzly bears are scavenging for whatever food they can find before they settle in for a long winter's hibernation.

As such, the bears get a bit bold and aggressive about where they acquire their meals. In many cases, they are not afraid to go and try to steal it from other bears.

But what about the park's other apex predator the wolf? Well, believe it or not, a grizzly recently took on a pack of 20 of them in the park just to steal their kill. The incredible scene of the ultimate wildlife handicap match was captured from a distance on camera and it has a surprising result.

There has been a lot of cool wildlife videos coming out of Yellowstone this year, but this one may be the coolest just because a sighting like this is such a rare event.

Considering that a pack of wolves is more than capable of taking down a full-grown bison or elk, we are surprised the wolves were willing to give up their kill. That grizzly must have been extremely intimidating to win despite being so outnumbered. That's a true testament to a grizzly bear's ferocity and fearlessness.

For the bear it was likely worth the risk because it meant a lot of extra fat and protein before he settles down for his long winter nap. The wolves should be fine because they will continue to hunt and scavenge for food all winter. Injuries could hurt the pack's ability to hunt, which is probably why they were more willing to give up.

This footage features the largest pack of wolves in Yellowstone known as the Junction Butte pack. They are major attractions for tourists in Lamar Valley in the northeast part of the park.

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