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Rare Wolverine Captured on Camera in West-Central Idaho

Recently, there was a rare sighting of a wolverine captured on a remote camera in Idaho.

The elusive wolverine captured on camera in Bitterroot National Forest recently was spotted climbing a tree. The national forest lies in McCall, Idaho where Idaho Fish and Game officers placed a camera in a remote location over bait to identify how many wolverines frequent the area.

The agency reported Friday January 13, 2017 that they recorded at least one of the unique animals feeding on deer legs earlier this winter 12 miles northeast of McCall.

Wolverines are being inventoried by four Western States like no inventory ever before. This for the Western States Wolverine Conservation Program.

Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Washington are all part of the effort to see how they can boost the numbers of the apex predator between the states' mountain ranges.

Currently only an estimated 300 animals live between the four states.

The animals look similar to a small bear as shown above with large sharp claws.

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