Wolves Attack Deer
YouTube: Hunting the Interlake

Wolves Take Down and Eat Doe in Graphic Trail Camera Footage

Trail camera captures incredible sequence of events following a deer kill.

Wolves are some of the most ferocious apex predators in North America. These animals can and often will bring down deer, elk and other popular big game animals when they can. Many hunters don't like it, but nature can be extremely cruel and survival of that big buck or doe on your game cam is not always guaranteed.

Case in point, the incredible footage captured by this trail camera in Manitoba, Canada. A whitetail doe is unfortunate enough to get caught by a group of wolves right in front of a camera recording video. Not only is the kill captured, but so is the subsequent feast.

However, the video doesn't end there. Over the next weeks, a true parade of animals comes to investigate the scene of the crime. It's fascinating to watch and a rarely seen peek into the circle of life here in North America.

According to the video's description, all this footage was taken in Manitoba's Interlake Region. Obviously, the area is chock full of wildlife. This was an incredible bit of luck to capture the original doe kill right there on the trail camera. It's hard to watch these animals take down a deer like that, but that's nature for you. These animals are perfectly adapted for this purpose.

Capturing the original kill on video was amazing, but it was what showed up after that was even more fascinating. First a bear, then coyotes, and then ravens and vultures. The animals keep returning for weeks afterwards even though there's likely little left at that point. The deer visitors seemed especially nervous realizing what had happened there.

Scavengers cleaned up every little insignificant scrap of this deer as time went on. While we aren't thrilled about the wolves killing a deer, we are relieved to see nothing going to waste here. That's nature's perfect design.

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