Dog Escapes Wolves
Facebook Screenshot: Paolo Forconi

Dog Makes Extremely Narrow Escape From 3 Vicious Wolves

This dog barely makes it out alive in this nail-biting chase.

Wolves are apex predators that sit at the top of the food chain for their respected ecosystems. While many people understand what these animals do in the wild, the situation changes when these predators start going after domesticated animals. Especially man's best friend.

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes humans and our four-legged friends come into conflict with these predators in a most frightening way.

Paolo Forconi captured the following footage that shows the brutal truth of mother nature.

That was some quick thinking by the dog to leap through that gap in the fence. A few more seconds and this dog would have been ripped apart by the pack for sure. As it was, the gap was big enough for the dog, but too small for the wolves.

Here's the description of the video translated to English from Italian.

"Up until 3 years ago, seeing or photographing wolves was something quite rare. Now instead we are invaded by photos and videos of wolves standing still or walking, but seeing a scene of predation does not happen every day. A few months ago I happened to watch some wolves chasing the deer (but I could not film them) and now 3 young wolves, less than a year old, trying to prey on a small dog, biting it twice. Their lack of experience and the low power of the bite have been to the advantage of the dog that this time managed to escape by jumping into a hole in the fence. The dog is saved and today he was in the enclosure along with goats and other pets and in those few minutes that I observed him he killed a little chicken under the eyes of the owner who has not had time to save her."

Videos like this don't often surface, but when they do, they show us the true order of the food chain.