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Wolves Kill Bears in Den, Hunters Make Grisly Discovery

Mountain lion hunters came across a gruesome scene of a small bear pulled from its den, killed and eaten by wolves.

It's a cliche, but it's true: Nature is unforgiving. A critter can't even hide itself away for a winter hibernation without risking its life.

According to Flying B Ranch, a guide for mountain lion hunters in Idaho recently found another example of just how brutal nature can be. At the site of a bear den they found evidence that several wolves had attacked the den and killed at least one small bear.

"All that remained was the inside-out hide, skull (separated lower mandible), spine, and one foot," the ranch indicated.

Warning: this video contains semi-gruesome content of carcasses.

"This small bear was killed by about four wolves this winter," the guide says as his dogs sniff the carcass and surrounding area.

Wolf populations and their effect on other wildlife is a major issue of contention in a number of northern states right now. The small wildlife drama discovered here presents another layer to be considered by those involved in the controversy, particularly animal rights activists who decry the management by hunting of both bears and wolves.


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Wolves Kill Bears in Den, Hunters Make Grisly Discovery