Wolf Hunter
YouTube: WesternWayProductions

Idaho Wolf Hunters Call in Pack of 13 Predators During Pulse-Pounding Hunt

There hunters got up close and personal with a wolf pack.

If there is one hot button topic in the hunting world it is wolves. Love them or hate them, these apex predators are here to stay and are fully ingrained into many prime big game habitats at this point. Especially in the American west, in states like Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Wolves were once nearly hunted to extinction. However, thanks to modern management practices, they have made a huge comeback. To the point that some states are allowing some limited hunting of the predators.

Today, you'll get to witness just one such hunt in the wilds of Idaho. Watch as these hunters call the pack in close for a shot at one of these top predators.

The look that wolf gave when it stared into the camera from only 30 yards out is one of those things that sticks with you in the outdoors. We are guessing that is a moment these hunters will never forget. A sight like that from such a dangerous animal is enough to make anyone's blood run cold. No wonder there is so much fear associated with these creatures. Sadly, that is also probably why they were nearly obliterated from North America.

However, wolf attacks on humans are not exactly common. It seems the pack stopped short once it realized they were walking into a trap. The most unexpected part of this video was the way the pack howled out once one of the wolves had been downed. Most game animals do not acknowledge the downing of another of their kind in this way.

Wolf hunting obviously is not for everyone. However, we can appreciate the solid message of this video about the management and conservation of wild animals. For now, wolf hunting is still quite limited, but the more it expands, the more successful the species is in making a comeback and that is something everyone can get behind.