Huge Wolf
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Monstrously Huge Wolf Chases Dogs in Northern Saskatchewan

Wolves are one of the most enigmatic and for better or worse, one of the more disliked animals roaming around North America. These animals have always had mystique about them. Maybe it's because they're such efficient predators. Maybe they remind us a little too much of ourselves with how cunning and smart they are. One thing is for sure, and that's that they strike a chord with humans, especially when an especially large one is present.

This ridiculous footage has been on the Internet a few years now, but it has recently started marking the rounds again. It shows a wolf of absolutely monstrous proportions you simply must see to believe.

When you watch something like this, it's little wonder why so many people have a fear of these animals. That wolf looked more like a black bear when it jumped up and took off after the dog, which looked like a puppy by comparison! We really wish we knew how large that dog was. Although, just looking at the wolf standing next to the trees, there's no question this was a monster. This footage was allegedly taken in Saskatchewan and there is a story that goes with it. This footage was taken by a fishing guide near one of their lounges. This is how the story reads:

"We got a lot of bears that come around the lodge, but this year we had a black wolf that started to come around for a few days. We spotted the wolf through the window of the kitchen in the lodge and I made my way outside with the camera. The lodge manager Dan went for the shotgun," the story reads.

"When I started to take pictures, the wolf left, then returned a few minutes later and that's when Trigger took off after the wolf. The wolf waited for Trigger to turn away from him and that's when he grabbed the dog in the back end and threw her up in the air right in front of me. Dan shot the shotgun into the air and that broke the fight up."

After that, the story reads, the wolf left but returned a couple more times that day, apparently it was still looking for the dog. As for Trigger, we're happy to report the guide said she got away with just a few wounds and cuts.

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