Wolf Trap
YouTube: Skye Goode

Female Trapper Fearlessly Releases Large Wolf Caught on Her Trapline

This woman fearlessly releases a wolf caught in her coyote trap.

Trapping may seem like it is slowly going out of style in many areas, but there are still plenty of people that enjoy running a trapline for coyotes and other varmints. These days, one must be careful with the types of traps they use to avoid unwanted by-catches.

Because in many states, there are animals that are protected and must be released immediately when the trapper encounters them. That's the case with today's video out of Wisconsin.

Youtuber Skye Goode has her trapline set for coyotes, but a more intimidating predator has gotten caught up in this one. It's a wolf and Skye now must release the animal because there's no open wolf season in Wisconsin. Watch as she fearlessly removes the trap and sends the animal on its way in the video below.

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We know that many hunters and outdoorsmen and women have less than favorable opinions of wolves, but she did the right thing here. Wisconsin's trapping regulations specifically prohibit the take of these animals. We are just surprised that the animal was as docile as it was in this video. It's very likely it wore itself out trying to escape prior to Skye arriving on the scene.

In the video's description, Skye says this wolf is only about seven months old. This goes to show just how large and imposing wolves can get. This is a huge animal and it may not even be fully grown yet. That large size is just one of the things that helps make wolves an apex predator wherever they are found.

Wisconsin also protects lynx, marten, badgers and cougars during trapping season. That's why traps like this must be able to hold the animal without killing it. Good job Skye on releasing this wolf and in showing how ethical modern trapping methods are.

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