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Intense Video Shows You What It’s Like to Free a Wolf From a Trap

free a wolf from a trap

Trapping a wolf would be a rush, but what about letting it go from the trap? “Frightening” might be the word.

Trapping is a popular activity for many. It takes a lot of skill, experience, and knowledge to be a consistently successful trapper.

I personally can’t imagine walking up on a trap with a wild wolf on it. Being from Illinois, crossing the path of a wolf is not something I have ever experienced. But the thought of releasing a full adult wolf from a trap seems to be something that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end.

Watch these two take the job on like a champ and successfully release this wolf into the wild.

Let your imagination run wild about what could be coming up in this video:

Based of this instance, it looks as if these guys have done this a time or two.

I would assume this went as smoothly as it possibly could have. You may have been expecting something a little more intense and dangerous, but I can assure you these guys enjoy this release more than what you were hoping for.

Feet from a large wolf, just seconds after his foot had been clamped and he is irritated? I’m sure it can lead to fireworks at times.

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Intense Video Shows You What It’s Like to Free a Wolf From a Trap