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Florida Alligator Comes in Fast to Steal Fisherman's Bass

Florida Bass
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Fisherman gets a scary surprise as he reels in this Florida bass.

Bass fishing is supposed to be relaxing and put you at ease, especially in Florida. Huge bass and beautiful weather produce a recipe for a perfect day of fishing. Things just get better when you hook a nice-sized fish and finally get it in to shore.

However, Florida bass fishing can be dangerous, especially when the gators come to play.

With a bass hooked and almost to the bank, you can see a wake begin to form and something approaching very quickly. Before you know it, an alligator has emerged and found himself a quick snack at the expense of the human angler.

Florida bass fishing can be dangerous

Posted by Scott Larsen on Saturday, September 2, 2017

"Really? Come on, give me the fish."

We had to laugh at that commentary. Yeah, sure buddy, we're surprised he didn't just let go and swim away after that. We're disappointed the video cut off. We wanted to see what happened next. Even if that gator did let go, we imagine the fish is dead after getting chomped by those big teeth, making any victory in getting it back a hollow one.

Florida is full of alligators these days and they are getting so numerous that they cause some small conflicts with humans like what you saw here. Always use caution when bank fishing in Florida. It's always safe to assume, no matter how small or large a body of water is, it's likely going to hold some of these reptiles.

It's times like this that I think about how fishing in the Midwest for bass isn't so bad. Sure, the fish may be much smaller than Florida, but I get to enjoy my bass fishing without having to worry about hungry gators. Anything that can eat my fish or me isn't invited or welcome on my fishing trips.

Be safe out there and always keep your eyes peeled the next time you're fishing in alligator country!

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Florida Alligator Comes in Fast to Steal Fisherman's Bass