Largemouth Bass
YouTube: Scott Martin

Scott Martin and Daughter Hilary Catch Two Big Bass Back-to-Back in Florida

It's not often you double on two fish of this caliber.

One of the more rewarding aspects of fishing is when you can figure out a pattern that works to perfection. Once you find the right spot, the big fish can start flowing and turn an otherwise ordinary day on the water into one to remember for a lifetime. It's even better when family are present to share in the joy of figuring out what the fish are doing.

In today's video, professional bass angler Scott Martin is spending a day on the water with his daughter Hilary in Florida. It's late in the year, the water is still cold, and the fish are packed under hydrilla mats.

This calls for some heavy baitcasting equipment and a staggering two-ounce weight to punch through the grass to reach the bass where they're hiding. It's a sound strategy, and turns into an extremely exciting day when dad and daughter catch two especially nice fish back-to-back.

Dare we say, this is what fishing is all about? The great memories made with family and friends. It's safe to say that neither Scott nor Hilary are likely to forget this day or that spectacular double catch. It wasn't quite the new personal best Hilary was hoping for, but who doesn't enjoy catching a fish like that? Especially once you pull it from heavy cover like what was present here. We just had a blast watching these two making this memory and recording it on video to remember forever.

It's safe to say the legacy of fishing in the Martin family is in safe hands with Hilary. Many of the pattern fishing strategies popularized by Roland were passed to Scott and now to Hilary. She may be a force to reckoned with on the future pro bass fishing circuit based on what we saw here.

Great catches Scott and Hilary, we look forward to seeing what else you guys catch throughout the course of 2021!

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