Bill Dance

Let's Go Shopping in the Largest Tackle Store in the World... With Bill Dance!

The legend himself, Bill Dance, takes us Christmas shopping for some affordable gifts in the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid.

Bill Dance, what a guy! My Saturday mornings growing up were filled with excitement like many children's, Saturday morning TV before went outside to play. Except instead of cartoons like most, I couldn't wait for Bill Dance to come on.

Follow Bill along as he drags us through the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee as he shows us a few affordable options for gifts this Holiday Season.

Bill Dance was one of the first to get me excited about fishing, so I will always love that man! And many others can probably say the same. Full of knowledge and always good for a few laughs, Bill has entertained us for years. But now he is taking Scott Martin and us Christmas shopping through the largest tackle store in the world.

A few things here..

1, if you haven't watched videos of Bill Dance before, I encourage you to do so. And 2, if you are ever around Memphis, you absolutely have to plan on stopping at this place.

The Bass Pro Shops Pyramid is an incredible place for people who love the outdoors. A huge store that will leave you feeling like you are in the real wilderness. Streams with fish, full size trees, waterfowl mounted from the ceilings, and trophy animals every direction you look.

If you are hung up on a few gifts, hopefully Bill and Scott just made things a little easier for you.