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Watch: Scott Martin and Bill Dance Go Fishing...Inside the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid!

You know you've always wanted to try this!

Anyone who has ever shopped in a large outdoor store with an aquarium knows the feeling. We've all thought about how much fun it would be to just take a rod off the shelf and throw a lure into the tank.

Of course, you or I can't just walk into the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee, and start fishing. Well, that is unless you're Scott Martin or fishing legend Bill Dance!

When I was a kid, I caught a trout in a kid's event pond setup at the Pontiac Silverdome during a boat show. But actually catching a bass in the Bass Pro Shops pyramid looks way cooler! I always wondered how the fish in those tanks and ponds would respond if I were to cast a lure in there.

Who hasn't walked by one of those tanks and wondered if they could catch the fish? Ah, the perks of being a professional fisherman!