Timber Wolf
YouTube: petenrock

Trapper Expertly Releases Trapped Wolf Out of Leg Hold Trap

A Wisconsin trapper releases a timber wolf face to face.  

This Wisconsin trapper might be a bit braver than the average outdoorsman. In November 2015, John Oens had his coyote trap lines out. However, as things sometimes go in trapping, he had an unexpected by catch and it was a LOT bigger than your average coyote.

Instead he found a wolf had wandered its way into the trap. The animal was obviously not happy to be caught and so he had to find a safe way to let the animal go free.

It is clear he has done this a few times before. Watch as he uses a board with a strategic hole cut in it to make the release as quick and stress-free as possible.

We know some of you are probably thinking, why did he release it? At the time this video was shot back in 2015, wolves were still under protection in Wisconsin, so the trapper had no choice but to release him back in the wild. The federal charges for poaching a wolf are severe and can severely hurt your chances of hunting and fishing ever again, so it is best to follow the rules and let the beast go.

Since then, wolves have been removed from the federal endangered species list, so it is possible to take them again. At least for now.

The second camera of the GoPro gives an interesting take on the event. Using plywood to separate himself and the wolf is pretty genius. It keeps the animal calm since it blinds them to what is going on as the trapper releases its leg. It also puts a barrier between the animal and the trapper which is great for the safety of both. It appears to be a technique that simply works.

Good luck and be safe to all the trappers this winter. When in doubt, practice this man's safety precaution and grab some plywood.