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Giant Kansas Whitetail Shot with Longbow on Public Ground

Whitetail Adrenaline

Jared Scheffler arrows a giant Kansas whitetail with a longbow on public ground. 

Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline has tagged an impressive typical Kansas buck on public ground. In fact, it might be the biggest typical whitetail taken on film on public ground. However, the hunt didn't unfold as ideally as the hunter had hoped.

Scheffler shared the whole story on Facebook and I had the opportunity to confirm the details of the story with Jared over the phone.

On November 19th, Jared was hunting public ground in Kansas, stalking a giant typical buck. The deer was first spotted hundreds of yards away from public ground, but they had a strong instinct the buck was headed to public ground.

Jared and his hunting partner, Chancy Walters, played cat and mouse with the buck and a doe it was paired up with for eight hours. With less than knee high tall grass to conceal themselves, the two hunters propped up an old round bale to use for cover as they attempted to get in front of the typical giant near the line fence.

whitetail adrenline 2
Facebook/Whitetail Adrenaline

Each hour, the doe was getting closer to the two hunters, and it eventually stepped onto the public ground where the hunter could connect with the incredible buck.

Jared stated on Facebook, "Finally his doe crossed the line and soon he followed. To make a long story short, the arrow landed less than ideally."

whitetail adrenline
Facebook/Whitetail Adrenaline

Just as the buck picked the hunters off and began to trot, the arrow was sent on its way. The 15-yard shot unfortunately connected on the front leg, stopping the arrow but breaking the leg bone in the process. The two felt the shot wasn't fatal, but would hinder the longevity of the buck's life. In an effort to ethically finish the the buck off, the duo immediately began attempting to get permission on the private land the buck ran to.

Jared and Chancy searched four days for the buck, covering miles of country, only to come up empty-handed. However, as they made their way onto the last stretch of property they could access, they came across the buck.

Chancy Walters 2
Facebook/Chancy Walters

"It was 3.5 miles from where we last saw the buck. Shortly after entering the creek bottom, the monster erupted from a cedar tree and the chase was on. If you have ever looked for days for an animal and covered piles of miles you know what a sudden shock it is when what you've been looking for explodes out in front of you. The buck was still in healthy enough shape to make it 2 miles before I was able to get ahead of him and land a second and final arrow into one of the most incredible deer I've ever laid eyes on"

The Whitetail Adrenaline team was extremely thankful and fortunate to been able to search vast miles of private land, thanks to generosity of the owners. Kudos to the land owners who were kind enough to let these hunters pursue a buck of a lifetime and write the final chapter of the hunt.

chancy Walters
Facebook/ Chancy Walters

The hunt unfolded on public ground, but the final shot took place on private ground, in which they had received permission. However, I think it's fair to say this is a genuine public ground whitetail.

Jared stated, "he [the buck] is to our knowledge the biggest public land typical ever taken on film."

The photos aren't trick photography either, this buck is simply a giant. The G2's respectfully measure 16 and 14 inches.

The preliminary measurement of the buck comes to a whopping 201 1/8 inches. That measurement isn't official, but it's safe to say it'll measure right around the 200 inch mark.

On the phone, Jared stated,"the buck is every bit of 190 inches."

You can catch the entire hunt, which was filmed in 4k, on their next DVD release.

Congratulations Jared and the Whitetail Adrenaline team on an incredible whitetail!


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Giant Kansas Whitetail Shot with Longbow on Public Ground