Photo by Tyler Harris (AP)

Wisconsin Eliminates Hunting Age, 6-Year-Old Girl Bags Buck

Governor Scott Walker's new law has just eliminated the minimum hunting age in Wisconsin. This 6-year-old is among the first minors to legally harvest a deer.

According to ABC news, Kindergartner Lexie Harris is among the first to take advantage of the new law that eliminated the minimum hunting age. One day after the season began, she harvested a 6-point buck under the supervision of her father.

Prior to the hunt, her father Tyler Harris had taken her to the range to practice with the gun she carried on this hunt. The youth rifle, which is lighter and easier to handle, was also equipped with a smartphone on the scope to help Lexie aim.

The pair hunted in the woods near their home in Medford County. Her father says they spotted several deer before this 6-pointer presented the perfect shot for a beginner.

Lexie was shaking a little as she got ready to shoot. He told her she could take the shot if she wanted too. Lexie fired, struck true and her dad couldn't be prouder. They tracked the blood trail to a spot not far away from the wooded shelter they were hunting from.

When it came time to get her hands dirty though, Lexie wasn't having it. Her father quotes her as saying "I'm not gutting it because that's gross." Guess kids will be kids!

The new law was signed exactly a week before the state's nine-day deer season began. It allows minors to carry a weapon on mentored hunts. Minors were able to go along on hunts before, but there could only be one firearm between them and their mentors.

According to ABC News, representatives in support of the law hope it'll enable responsible hunters to get their kids more involved. The goal is to have more kids off the couch and in the woods.

Wisconsin joins 34 other states that currently don't have a minimum hunting age.