Deer enjoying holiday feast
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Video: These Deer Are Really Enjoying Their Holiday Feast

These deer were spoiled at the Wildwood Park & Zoo. With a table setting that puts a few of mine to shame, these deer gathered for a holiday tradition.

It may be cold and the snow is getting deep, but these deer look pretty content.

Between the apples, broccoli and celery, they certainly have a healthier holiday then most of us! I'll keep my turkey and pies, but these deer do make it look pretty good.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I try to imagine what deer would be thankful for. That's easy to guess for these deer! They have to love living in a well-tended zoo.

For the deer around my place, they better be thankful they aren't in range! Our holiday dinners often include a fair amout of venison.

Thankfully, because of strong conservation and habitat preservation programs like those supported by the Wildwood Park & Zoo, it looks like we'll be able to hunt for many years to come.

The Wildwood Park & Zoo is located in Marshfield, Wisconsin. The USDA-licensed facility aims to educate visitors on the importance of conservation while celebrating wildlife diversity.

With 60 acres featuring North American animals, it's a popular destination for visitors and locals alike!  Displays like this can go a long way in getting the public's attention, especially kids!